Blueberries For Wetter Eyes


If you have dry eyes, try eating blueberries. Here's why...blueberries are a great antioxidant. Blueberries contain flavanoids, which are a class of polyphenols. The flavanoids that are found in blueberries are called anthocyanin. These antioxidants, when ingested, moderate the bodies reaction to disease, stress, and allergy. They protect the lining of blood vesssels, which aid blood flow, modulate blood sugar levels, and aid in lipid metabolism.
Eating blueberries protects our bodies against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and dry eye. Wild blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity per serving compared with almost any other fruit.
The Harvard School Of Public Health Study published in January 2013 of circulation, concludes that three or more servings of blueberries may reduce a woman's risk of heart attack, by as much as thirty three percent.
Antioxidant polyphenolic activity found in blueberries helps the endothenlial function of the cornea, and
modulates meibomian gland function in our lids, which promotes an even distribution of the oil, water and mucin that creates our tear film.
This tear film control allows for more comfortable, clearer eyes and more successful contact lens wear.
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