Eyeglass And Lens Developments

Unique Eye Optique (Our Optical) houses not only an amazing selection of frame styles, shapes, and colors, but also utilizes the latest technology to make your glasses look almost invisible. Through ground breaking technology and craftsmanship hardly found anywhere on the east coast, we offer a final eyeglass product that is incomparable

Thin Lens Design

We have access to every eyeglass material approved by the FDA. We also have our own proprietary designs that will make our eyeglasses thinner that anyone. We have made beautiful glasses with amazingly thin lenses for many actors, actresses, producers, CEO's of corporations, surgeons, and demanding individuals. Once you make your glasses here, you will never go anywhere else.

Specialty Materials

We have child safe materials such as polycarbonate and trivex.


We use anti-reflective lenses that protect against visible light scatter and back scatter of the ultra violet light. We use only the finest polarized and photochromic lenses in both traditional and glamorous colors. We can now even combine polarized, photchromic, and anti-reflective lenses in one pair of glasses.